mhy is being built using mhy :) Just like npm is a package on npm. It's core configuration values are stored using mhy also.

# Print config to console
mhy config mhy



The index.html file to load when using webpack.

Default is provided by mhy: resources/index.html

You can use your own by putting it to your src folder. Not necessary to overwrite this value.


Folder to your source files from you project root.

Default: src


An array including the list of filenames needed to be excluded in general (like cache folders, log files, etc). Both gitignore and npmignore configs are extending this list.

Please see source file for details.


Aliases provided for SWC and TypeScript imports.

Default: { '@': 'src' }

With the default solution you can have aliases to all the folder in src.

Example: import Foo from '@/components/foo'

Please note that previously aliases were provided for certain folders as @components. These are being DEPRECATED and should not be used. The new way is more flexible and avoids collision with NPM namespaces.

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