This tool will let you initialize codebase from a template.


mhy boot [technology:react|vue|...] [template:default|...] [-o,--output: output path]
  • technology: what tech should be used.

    • default: react

  • template: what template should be loaded.

    • default: default

  • -o, --output: path where the template should be boot.

    • default: ''


mhy boot react default -o myProject
# or
mhy boot
# or
mhy boot react
# or
mhy boot -o xproject/path/src

Your package.json will be extended with the necessary changes you might need to run the template. If it doesn't exists, it'll be created for you.

Available Templates

React Minimal

A minimal code to render a single React component.

mhy boot react minimal

React Default

A complete example codebase with Redux, async rendering, API calls and Service Worker.

mhy boot react


  • components: components directory

  • config: app configuration directory

  • core: app mounting, routing and flux store directory

  • entities: HTTP code related directory

  • fields: app specific form fields directory

  • forms: app specific forms and business logic directory

  • layouts: is a container for a page to represent different states of an application

  • overlays: basically containers to construct a overlay's structure.

  • pages: basically containers to construct a page's structure.

  • services: a base service implementation which you build your APIs on.

  • validators: custom validator function usually for react-redux-form

  • index.js: files are being used to export sub-modules for easier/simplier/nicer imports.

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