Why mhy?

My original plan was to make a simple tool that can run all MY(!) processes at once. Then the project grew. The first idea was to run the tool using my dev. But the name (my) was taken on NPM. Then I checked mhy which was free, H is a silent sound when you pronounce it and also finding a 3 letter name is kinda a hidden gem, so I took it. It's important to be short because you'll end up typing the command many times so it's more comfortable.

Are there any upcoming features?

You can always follow our continuous TODO list here: https://github.com/wintercounter/mhy/issues/1

How can I use another version of a certain package?

mhy will try to resolve packages first in your project's node_modules folder. Simply install your own version as usual.

Why no more question?

Feel free to add your own!

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