# show usage details
mhy --mhy-help


# show debug messages
mhy --mhy-debug


# show more info than usual
mhy --mhy-verbose


Controls process.env.NODE_ENV variable and adds support to have multiple secondary environments.


  • prod: production

  • dev: development (default)

Basic Usage

# Run as NODE_ENV=production
mhy eslint --mhy-env=prod

# Run as NODE_ENV=production with secondary env called `ci`
mhy eslint --mhy-env=prod:ui

Secondary environments

You can use the : separator to define multiple secondary environments.

The first environment will be always set as a value for process.env.NODE_ENV.


# Run webpack with configuration loaded for production mode, on Travis-CI only for the master branch.
mhy webpack --mhy-env=prod:travis:master

Secondary environments are supported and config also.


Executes the command only when the given expression is truthy.

# On building master I don't need to run tests because they were validated before pull requests
mhy jest --mhy-if="!process.env.MHY_ENVS.includes('master')"


# show mhy's currently installed version
mhy --mhy-version

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