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Search for global node_modules folder (GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES)

  1. Use the npm config get prefix command to find the path to the mhy executable file.

  2. The global node_modules folder should be around there somewhere. It varies between different systems, maybe it is right next to it, maybe inside a lib directory next to it or the upper levels.

  3. Inside the global node_modules folder, you'll find mhy/node_modules. The path to that directory is what we will need.

Generating config files

# Generating all possible config files mhy can provide
mhy config

# Use -o to overwrite existing files
mhy config -o

# Generate specific config files
mhy config prettier typescript webpack -io

node_modules resolution

Since you're using modules coming from mhy, you need to tell the IDE to include a node_modules folder outside your project's directory.

  1. Find GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES/mhy/node_modules

  2. Add the path at File > Settings > Directories and mark it as Excluded and Resource root.

Alias resolution

Alias resolution is done by Webpack. You only need to have a webpack.config.js file in your root.

  1. ONLY in case you haven't run mhy config yet to set-up your empty project, run mhy config webpack -i to initialize a config file.

  2. Make sure at File > Settings > Webpack that the feature is turned on.

While it's possible to add watchers without the Prettier plugin, the plugin simply helps you with pre-filling the necessary fields with the necessary values for your watcher.

  1. Install Prettier plugin from File > Settings > Plugins

  2. Restart IDE

  3. Go to File > Settings > Tools > File Watchers

  4. Create watcher by clicking the + sign.

  5. Select prettier

  6. Set Scope to Current file which is more optimal.

  7. Set Program to GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES/mhy/node_modules/.bin/prettier (add .cmd on Windows).

  8. Save with OK.

  9. (Optional) You might want to add change the Level of the watcher to Global to be able to re-use it across projects.

Unfortunately you'll need to create watcher for each File Type you want the IDE to watch. By default it was creating it only for JavaScript. Most probably you want to add jsx, ts, tsx watcher also. Do this with copying the watcher and change the File Type.


Step 0: If it's necessary, please do npm i first for your project, only create tsconfig.json file after that. This is important to avoid duplicated @types to be loaded.

  1. ONLY in case you don't have tsconfig.json file yet: mhy config typescript -i

  2. Go to File > Settings > Language & Frameworks > TypeScript

  3. For TypeScript set GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES/mhy/node_modules/typescript

Note that in mhy TypeScript is only being used to perform type-checks and to generate .d.ts files. You don't need to enable compilation, that is being done by SWC.


  1. ONLY in case you don't have .eslintrc file yet: mhy config eslint -i

  2. Go to File > Settings > Language & Frameworks > JavaScript > Code Quality Tools > ESLint

  3. Enable

  4. For ESLint package set GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES/mhy/node_modules/eslint

  5. Go to Help > Find Action and type registry

  6. Click the first result (Registry...)

  7. Scroll down to eslint.additional.file.extensions and set js,jsx,ts,tsx as value.


  1. Disable automatic package.json dependency inspection.

  2. Disable statement termination inspection. CTRL+Enter at the end of any line. (ONLY in case you choose to continue using ASI which is the default setting.)

  3. Set 4 spaces for indent. (ONLY in case you choose to continue using the default setting.)

  4. Make sure you use LF for line endings. Set it globally or project level, and also you can convert every file if needed by selecting the root folder then File > Line separators.

  5. You might want most settings/watchers to be global (where possible), so you can re-use them for all your projects.

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